Our Locations

2212 South St, Philadelphia PA 19146 215-875-8002
526 S. 4th St Philadephia PA 19147 215-309-2877

About Ants Pants Cafe

After many years working in cafe’s around Philadelphia, it took a few years immersed in Sydney’s cafe culture to cement the desire to offer a similar experience in a seemingly untapped market in Philly. Childhood friends Liz Fleming and Nancy Silverman both with experience working at some of Philadelphia’s finest, were determined to set out on their own to offer locals in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood an experience that was long overdue.

The Opening

After scouring high and low for locations around Philadelphia, it became pretty obvious that Philly’s Graduate Hospital section was screaming for a cafe to serve a growing transforming neighborhood. Following the closing of a Psychic Reading store, an opportunity presented itself (in addition to significant renovations). After several months preparation, Ants Pants officially opened its doors in October 2004.

The Inspiration

We should give credit where it’s due and a big part of the cafe’s existence should be given to Liz’s experience working at Cool Beans in Sydney’s inner city Pyrmont neighbourhood along with several stints at various cafes in Lane Cove. These experiences solidified her desire to provide an environment that celebrated a love of good food, a good cuppa and a place for friends to gather to enjoy it. Most of the items on the menu would easily be found in any Aussie cafe and after relationships with various coffee purveyors including Australia’s Belaroma and Tobys Estate we’ve recently embraced our Phillyness and partnered with local roasters Elixr. It’s also important to mention that Liz is married to one of Philadelphia’s pre-eminent Aussies and all round good bloke.