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2212 South St, Philadelphia PA 19146 215-875-8002
526 S. 4th St Philadephia PA 19147 Temp Closed.


COVID-19 Update

Like everyone, we’re most certainly aware of the recent coronavirus threat and as a public place we are taking it... Read More

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  • MMMMaple bacon sandwich! https://t.co/tWHUNHfEBL 2 months ago
  • Most delivery platforms are working with us. Some are not so we don't use them. Choose your apps wisely https://t.co/MVsd6Laeke 3 months ago
  • Looks like we'll be at the window for another month! https://t.co/PcWPXgVmz0 3 months ago
  • Good on Shake Shack for sure but how did they get it in the first place? https://t.co/dacsrrunO4 4 months ago
  • Wondering what a small business has to do to get some help around here. How does Ruths Chris' get bloody $20mill? 4 months ago
  • RT @shakeshack: We will be returning our Paycheck Protection Program loan. More information from our founder @dhmeyer + CEO @randygarutti h… 4 months ago
  • Apparently restaurant food is not a risk for coronavirus https://t.co/63oFegbpxe 5 months ago
  • Gotta say our Avo Toast special is pretty special https://t.co/GdX4LP1jwN 12 months ago
  • Getting your Vegemite fix while watching the Ashes online is a fair dinkum way to start the week https://t.co/6Wk7CQvJxP 1 year ago
  • Customers have been asking for it and we’ve now got it. Matcha Latte! https://t.co/I9ikhUc4Mx 1 year ago
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